Animal Hook Sheep



The animal hook sheep is a handmade, practical and charming addition to any interior.

A woolly sheep as a design for a clothes hanger – perfect for a children’s room or the hall. Did you know that sheep have been man’s pets for a very long time – almost as long as the dog, who was first? This white sheep is carved in wood and the hook is mounted to the wall with a metal screw. The series of handcrafted hooks with animals from both the wilderness and the farmyard from Wildlife Garden is appreciated because of how well-made and lifelike the animals are. Suitable for children as well as adults, it is a nice gift for animal lovers.

Each Wildlife Garden sturdy metal DecoHook is decorated with a linden wood animal head, hand carved, individually brush-painted and unique. Your favourite animals become functional decorations for the hallway, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shed, stable or barn.

Size: L: 64 x W: 58 x H: 98 mm


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