Extremely Rare Sekaguchi Samurai


Extremely rare Sekaguchi samurai kokeshi. Mint condition museum worthy kokeshi.

I challenge anyone to find another one in mint condition as this kokeshi by Sansaku Sekaguchi. Would have been specially made for the original collector. This kokeshi is approximately 79cm tall. His kimono and under garments are beautifully hand carved and painted in subtle colours with etched symbols. The stripe of his obi is carried through onto the back as it would be traditionally worn. Mostly kokeshi are female another reason this is so rare and to top it off his imperious look is captured by the hand painted face.

Only for the serious collector.

Sekaguchi passed away in 2018 but his family carry on with the tradition of making sasaku kokeshi in his own museum where he worked and lived. Sekaguchi was a winner of many awards, such as the Ministry of International Trade Industry Award in 1978, Prime Minister’s Award and many others.

Sekaguchi favoured dogwood for his pieces and used many types of motifs which include elements of festivals, nature especially clouds, cherry blossoms and the gingko leaf.

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