Kokeshi by Takeda Masashi


This kokeshi by Takeda Masashi shows his ability to create and select a form that best interacts with the natural characteristics of the intrinsic beauty of wood, harmoniously blending the traditional and contemporary imagery. Most have simple facial expressions utilizing a ‘one-stroke eye’, (Hitofude-me). Some figures utilize the Yukata / Ikat-style clothing or simple lines defining the layers of the clothing.  She is 31cm tall and has a circumference 54cm.

Takeda Masashi vintage kokeshi dolls are highly sort after and very collectable as they are rare to find and also in such mint condition as this one is. Takeda-san studied under Takeda Usaburo 1930-2015

This artist is known for exceptionally carved free form kokeshi, his kokeshi have a unique style, with rich wooden tones, and carved flower detail, and wonderfully intricate, adorned Kimono with some form of carved floral motif. Giving great character and depth to his dolls, Takeda–san shows his appreciation of the natural decorative quality of wood. Minimal use of paint, showcasing the actual texture of the wood selected for each piece.


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