Kokeshi Doll by Murakami Kenichi


This kokeshi doll by Murakami Kenichi (1929-1999) is a rare doll in mint condition. Standing at 32cm made from one piece of timber and artist signature stamp on the bottom. This doll is a contemporary mid century doll with a simple form and face accentuating the wood grain. A highly collectable kokeshi doll.

Murakami, a multi-award recipient, was born in Yamagata City. Kenichi studied oil painting in the early 1940s, but started practising and making Sosaku Kokeshi by 1946, despite his family’s reputation as master woodworkers. He focuses on using a range of woodworking techniques to produce dolls with minimal decoration. He has won several awards, including the prestigious Prime Minister Award.

This artist adored capturing a young child’s innocence. Murakami-san was known for creating beautiful, textural pieces with deep carving and horizontal cut lines that reflected and echoed the subject. His dolls could be decorated, as in demonstrating the yukata, or left plain with clear lines to indicate wearing a snow coat (Mino) in the winter.

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