Large Sadao Kishi Kokeshi


This large Sadao Kishi kokeshi is 60cm tall and a well known doll by Sadao Kishi named “Innocence”.  Sadao Kishi produced hundreds of creative Kokeshi dolls until his passing. During his career, he received numerous awards, including the Prime Minister’s Award and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award. He is credited with being one of the major influences of the ‘Sosaku Kokeshi Movement, gaining recognition for the dolls as a popular and valid art form.

This amazing kokeshi is in excellent condition with focus on the beautiful woodgrain. I would consider this a “classic” kokeshi. In the early days of creative kokeshi, prize winning dolls were very popular and more affordable compared to today’s winners. It’s why they tend to be more readily available.The wheat design is carved and hand coloured. The serene one stroke facial detail makes for a very elegant kokeshi for the collector.

As a kokeshi artist Sadao Kishi incorporates  subjects related to mothers and children as both form-giving and decoration on the bodies of his kokeshi. All of his creations are beautifully proportioned dolls, found in many sizes, and celebrates nature and its connection to everyday life. An emphasis on simple turned wood gives focus to the subject of his work.

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