Shido Shozan Vintage Kokeshi Doll


This Shido Shozan vintage kokeshi doll is 52cm tall, slim and beautiful with artist signature stamp on the bottom.  She is made from a dark and light coloured wood with minimalist decoration but not detracting from the wood grain. Shido’s works are rare and in very high demand amongst collectors. He combined mid-century modern style with Japanese traditional aesthetics and created kokeshi that stand the test of time as true sculptures.

Shido Shozan is widely regarded as the most influential artist in the world of sansaku kokeshi doll making, according to both collectors and critics alike. Shido Shozan’s main emphasis was on portraying unadorned Northern girls wearing the traditional “Mino,” or Snow Coat, but he also made tall, slender dolls with sparse decorations. His keen sense of style, restrained use of colour, and clean, elegant forms set him apart from his contemporaries, making him one of the most collectable artists of the 1960s. He is a multi award winner of sansaku kokeshi including the Prime Minister’s Award.

Shido Shozan was fascinated by the idea of mixing various types of wood to achieve the desired effect and give his pieces dimension. He also enjoyed making slender, tall dolls to represent the tall, thin trees that can be found in Japan.


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