Trovelore Olive Branch Brooch


This hand embroidered Trovelore olive branch brooch is like a little piece of art. Trovelore is an embroidery atelier specialising in the use of needlework and mixed materials to craft a line of embellished jewellery.

The olive branch was handed over to enemies to declare a truce, an olive branch symbolises peace. It was used fro crowning champions in ancient times, and this tradition was revived during the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

Delicately embroidered by hand, the precise choice of materials, colours and techniques give a precious life-like quality to the designs.

The Trovelore atelier helps sustain and keep alive hand workmanship. Making Trovelore products is the artisans’ prime source of livelihood and the label is humbled in their contribution to this cause.

Inspired by nature, our whimsical but elegant brooches are exquisitely hand embroidered using artisan skills and illustrative vintage appeal.

Hand embroidered and hand beaded mini-sculptures, perched only a few inches, these timeless mementos are markers in your journey of memories. The precise choice of materials, colours and techniques, create organic textures that give each design a precious ‘lifelike’ quality.

Produced in Small Batches by Artisans.

  • Cotton, felt, metal and beads
  • Hand embroidered
  • Handmade in India
  • 7.5cm X 3.5cm W
  • Please do not wash or scrub
  • Delicate handwork, handle with care

Slight variation in embroidery, size, shape, and colour is part of the handmade craft and may be apparent between pieces; this is not considered a defect but is celebrated as a mark of made by hand.


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