Vintage Kokeshi by Miyajima Muhitsu


A vintage kokeshi by Miyajima (1929-) is another collectors delight. She is about 43cm tall with artist signature on the bottom and in absolutely perfect condition. She is wearing the traditional fuyu kasa headdress seen on many of his dolls with a top knot. Her body is faintly carved and etched with a hot poker creating a simple floral design while the edges of her garments are carved so as not to detract from the beautiful wood grain. View some other kokeshi by miyajima kokeshi for sale

Miyajima began his career making traditional kokeshi under Master Yamagata in the late 1940s, and then started to make sansaku doll making in the 1950s. His dolls have had a great influence on Creative,  kokeshil makers since then.

Miyajima’s creations are simple but elegant and the wood is essential in his interpretation of the seasons.  The snow coat called ‘Mino”, adds distinct character to his pieces and the wearing of the traditional Fuyu Kasa, (hat) is seen on many of his works which is a head covering worn by Buddhists, which was very large and often had a bowl or mushroom shape and would originally have been made from woven straw. Miyajima often uses sumi-e’ brush work on his faces, and uneven carved grooving giving ornamentation and texture to the figure. Miyajima works in a variety of beautiful woods, but often his kokeshi are of the heavy, dark colored Enju wood from the pagoda tree.

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