Vintage Kokeshi by Takahashi Hashime


This vintage kokeshi by Takahashi Hashime is 36cm tall with artist signature on the bottom. This vintage kokeshi doll is in excellent condition with a few faded spots at the top of her head. This doll is called Ume goromo (plum blossom)

Originally a fine arts painter, Takahashi-san (1918 -2002) is from Sendai, (where Traditional Kokeshi were born), in Miyagi Prefecture.  He is a multiple award winner in yearly Kokeshi competitions, receiving the Prime Minister’s Award, the highest honor bestowed on Sosaku Kokeshi artists. All of his work is easily recognized by the painted designs decorating his dolls.

The most unusual quality of his dolls is that their heads can be a separate element, or just a simple tapered element at the top of the doll form like this one. The artist motif‘s range from realistic to abstract Plum flowers, (Ume), Cherry blossoms, (Sakura), Japanese Iris, (Ayame), or celebrating seasonal festivals with zodiac animals. . He shows both the kimono and undergarments, with exaggerated waists and simple obi, if it shows an obi at all. Occasionally seen is his use of Rokuro Moyo in both carved and painted form.

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