Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Chiyomatsu


This vintage kokeshi doll by Chiyomatsu Kanou (Kano) is exquisite and in mint condition. I doubt you would find this vintage kokeshi any where in the world except in a museum. A Kano kokeshi doll (Chiyomatsu Kanou) is highly sort after and seldom seen.  Chiyomatsu Kanou has the  ability to create and select a form that best works with the natural characteristics of the wood, and at the same time creating the traditional and contemporary sansaku kokeshi. Most have simple facial expressions and he utilises a ‘one-stroke eye’, (Hitofude-me) method when hand painting the face. Some kokeshi show the Yukata or Ikat-style clothing by using simple carved or hand painted lines which also define the layers of the clothing. Kano kokeshi use flowers in many styles and his kokeshi dolls are peaceful and elegant with an old fashioned feel.

This kokeshi is in mint condition standing at 32cm tall and features carved and hand stained designs outlining traditional dress. A very collectable rare vintage kokeshi for the serious collector.

Kano-san was born in 1935 and has died, but the year is unknown. He started making Sosaku dolls around 1953. He was a multi- prize winning artist, including the Prime Minister’s Award at least twice

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