Vintage Kokeshi Pair by Aoki Ryoka


A most stunning vintage kokeshi pair by Aoki Ryoka. The tallest stands at about 45cm and the smaller at about 43cm. They are in superb condition with some minor wear which does not detract from this beautiful pair of vintage kokeshi. There are some small splash marks around base of smaller doll which can be seen in picture of base but wouls probably easily removed. This pair shows the diversity of Aoki Ryoka’s work. Her attention to detail in the hand painting of these two dolls is exquisite. From the tilt of their heads under the large hats connect these vintage kokeshi to nature and probably the task they represent. The fronds of grass or wheat on their bodies and a small hint of obi and kimono under garment are delicately hand carved and painted.

There is a signature on the bottom of the taller doll as well as the back of both dolls which makes them highly collectable and as a pair.

Ryoka started making kokeshi around 1958 and one of the few female kokeshi artists winning many prized awards for her kokeshi in Japan. see our other vintage kokeshi by Aoki

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