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We collect unique and interesting curios from all over the world. We create our own pieces, channelling our passion for design and drawing inspiration from both the mundane and the downright weird. And finally, we curate these collections in an inviting space that everyone can enjoy.

Omnia is located in vibrant and historic Katoomba in the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park. The shop is located at the top of the main street in a lovely historic building which was originally a wine merchants storefront in the early 1900s.


Hello, I am Lynne!

Vodka drinking, travel-hungry, pattern making creator behind Omnia. 

My love affair with creating started at a young age. I can remember the first time I held needle and thread at age 5 helping my mother embroider bibs for charity. Thread in the needle, I just loved how the stitches I created could be formed into something beautiful. From there my obsession for fabric, thread, shape and form just grew and evolved.

As my skills for sewing and pattern making grew so did my wardrobe and my flair for the eclectic. The 1970s was an amazing time to be experimental in fashion. At age 11, I constructed a Beatleesq style Nehru jacket from an old floral curtain. I would wear this with 1940’s black silk culottes. At age 13 I was rocking burgundy hot pants with matching maxi vest and white patent lace-up boots. Scarves as crop tops, french bloomers worn as pants, petticoats dyed deep hues of maroon and worn out as dresses. My wardrobe knew no boundaries.

I have never been someone who could sit still, I always have to be moving or creating. In the 80s I started the great backpacking adventure. Every country I collected more fabrics and patterns. At the end of my travels, my luggage consisted more of fibres, needles and ideas than anything else

While hanging out in a traditional Batak house in Sumatra I came to the realisation that I needed to learn the skills of drawing out all the creations that were floating around my brain needed to be put to paper so I could bring them to life. Upon returning to Australia I began to really invest myself into learning design & pattern making as well as millinery.

Over the next few years, I worked for different designers, had a family and moved to the beautiful Blue Mountains. In 2000 after a trip to Vietnam I started Lynne Curan Design and started wholesaling my silk loungewear designs throughout Australia and NZ. I tried my hand at weekly markets but by 2008 I took the plunge and opened a pop-up shop and made the scary move into the world of retail. 12 years later am still here happily part of the Katoomba streetscape and continues to evolve through my passion to collect create and curate.

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